Magics there be, and some as a Christian soul, or even cretin, might claim ta comprehend, but these be forces no white man ne'er mastered. Heathen calls to ragin' heathen, and the primitive bellow of the jungle it is, raw wit' fury. There be a power in the Dark as none should meddle with, and he be wishful of making it even to a hell he might know. There are indeed worse devils than we ken.

Loa is a word a man wishin' to be wise uses rare, and treats precious, never settin' it to paper, where he's no longer its keeper. A name in these skeletal hands be more'n a collection o' sounds, and no man with nonce gives his right one willin'. 'Tis said this is the dark of darkest Africa, and none as have felt its clammy touch firsthand will gainsay that opinion.