Wikia pirates - Black Spot

Death there be, and fates more turrible yet, for him as be home to the Black Mark, most cursed among men he be, and though he possess the legs and wind of the swiftest African cat, or the tireless glide of the dolphin, it shall o'ertake 'im. No man there is, but the Mark being upon him, 'twas but a matter of short time to a dreadful, clawin' end. Mind, the givin' of it be a perilous pursuit too, for few as doled it out didn't in their turn receive. That rare, unbroken chain - the sort as a man might find still strewn about him as his sodden cadaver was dragged down into the grip of Davy Jones.

The bestowin' o' the mark leaves a man all hollow inside, and he attempt it more'n once, so they say, them as would claim ta know, an' be acquainted wi' the hereafter.