Welcome to the Pirates Role Play Wiki! Thanks for joining! But, as happens to us all, you may need a helping hand before starting, so that's what this guide is for!

The First Steps.

Being Claimed

1) To be claimed, go to Claiming, and enter your character's name into the box, and simply click on the "Get Claimed!" Button, and fill out the series of questions that will be displayed to you, remembering to bold your answers! A member of the Claiming department will decide if you are claimed, or if you are not claimed. Please be logged in when you are doing this, or you will be automatically declined.

2) You can use any face claim you'd like, provided that they link in with the theme, so, for example, you cannot use Lady Gaga, as the things that she usually wears would be very unrealistic in the time period that this Role Play is set in.

3) On your User Page, please please put a link to your character's page. It takes little effort, and it helps out the Administration an awful lot!

Creating a Talk Bubble.

To create a simple talk bubble, just click contribute in the top right of the wiki, and then choose the "Add A Page" option, choose the blank layout, name it Template:(character name here) and then paste the following:

 {{Word Bubble
 |image      = 
 |color      = 
 |color2     = 
 |textcolor  = 
 |textcolor2 = 
 |line       = 
 |fonttype   = 
 |name       =
 |username   =
 |sig        = 
 |width      = 
 |time       = {{{time}}}
 |text       = {{{text}}}

Use your Talk Bubble like so:

 {{User Name|Character's First Name=Your message.|time=~~~~~}}

What now?

Well done! You're now an official member of Pirates Role Play Wiki! Feel free to get role playing wherever you like, and if you need help with anything, please contact any member of the administration.